Self-Titled Studio Album Now Streaming. Released everywhere April 21st 2018


For a band who prefers to let the music speak for them, Ali A and The Agency have a lot to say. After a proper introduction to the Phoenix music scene with their unforgettable, high-energy live shows, their self-titled debut album was released in Spring 2018.

Guitarist Travis Prillaman is captivatingly cool with a guitar that's become a natural extensionof his god-given limbs, and funk is second-nature to self-taught bass man Pedro Cortes, whose rhythmic foundation will make you want to groove. Saxophonist Alex Whaley uses his sultry, Coltrane-influenced flair to bring The Agency's sound to new heights, and drummer Jeff Gonzalez stays locked in on the one with his progressive rock, metal, and funk drum patterns. New addition, Jared Michael, rounds out the group with two decades of key-tickling inspired by the likes of Porcupine Tree, Snarky Puppy and Ben Folds.

Dubbed" ... one of the best singers in the valley of the sun," by Dave Bloom of Dave Bloom Drums, and "... having music that rocks with conviction," by Ed Masley at AZ Central, Ali A's larger-than-life voice will fill you with funk and serenade you with soul.

Viewing the world through stunner shades, her lyrics approach everyday life with humor, honesty, and a longing for what we all desire: Love, Acceptance, and A Damn Good Time.